Suunto 3 Fitness All Black

Suunto 3 Fitness All Black Watch:
I have been using this fitness watch for my runs that helps me a lot in overcoming the dizzy problems that I faced for almost a year. I get very frequent headaches after living in Tallinn (Estonia) for about four years and it didn't go away until I started running. I had been running for 1.5 km as a beginner runner. I wasn't expecting too much but that time, I started to run because my weight started to escalate and didn't drop from the beginning of Summer (June).
I combined with a diet plan that consists mostly of salads (see Deelish Recipes). By December, the winter months came and I stopped running due to the cold, and I was able to reach my desired weight 55kg!YAY!)
It was double blessings (dizziness gone and weight-loss!)
This watch comes with an easy to use adaptive training plans and real-time guidance. I didn't really use this features but I kind of appreciate it! It boasts of sport expertise that the brand Suunto (Finnish brand) holds. I like the wrist heart rate measurement as it is a heart rate-based fitness indicator (determining the current fitness level).
Real-time guidance with heart rate zones during every workout help ensure you train at the right intensity. 
Wellbeing goals can be achieved by its 24/7 activity tracking. It uses steps and calories, and you can get summaries that provides an insight to my daily activity. Such ways, I can balance my training and rest.
Sleep quality tracking
This is the other feature that I use quite a lot: sleep quality tracking as I read in sports sciences studies. 
It is possible to connect to the Suunto app to log all the activities and weekly training goals. It is possible to be informed of the incoming calls, text messages and calendar notifications (but this is a feature that I don't really like and hardly use). At first I had wanted to buy a fitness watch that is waterproofed and suitable for swimming.
This watch has built-in sports modes for running, cycling, gym training etc.
It has an accelerometer-based speed, pace and distance for walking and running. Best of all, it is water resistant to 30 meters! So the swimming proof feature really fits my needs!


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