e-Motion™ Motorized Umbrella

Called e-Motion, it takes the concept of a motorized, automatic umbrella — one that opens and closes with the press of a button — a step further. It also extends and retracts its stem.

The biggest breakthrough in umbrella technology in 25 years! With a mere push of a button, the fully-motorized, rechargeable e-Motion™ umbrella opens and closes completely on its own in one smooth motion. Finally an umbrella that you can truly operate with one hand! Makes getting in and out of cars and revolving doors a breeze. And keeps that other hand free for phones, bags of groceries, kids, etc. One charge lasts for months, though the eMotion is designed to operate manually too if the battery ever runs out, so you’re never stuck in the rain. Sturdy design, oversize coverage, and Teflon coating for superior water repellency makes this quite possibly the only umbrella you’ll ever need.

ShedRain e-Motion from ShedRain Corporation on Vimeo.


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