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1. What inspires your company to design LampChamp? 

Olens Technology's mission is to offer products that help people live better, more convenient lives. As every generation continues to grow and progress, one of the main industries that is expanding rapidly is technology. It’s not uncommon for one individual to own a cell phone, tablet, gaming device, e-reader and more. Multiply all of that several times when you have a family and what’s left is a shortage of outlets around the house to charge all of these devices. Older homes don’t offer as many outlets or they’re placed in inconvenient areas. We want to offer individuals and families an alternate, affordable solution that makes their lives easier. 

2. Which problems did your product help to solve? How easy and convenient is it to use LampChamp?

As mentioned, there tends to be a shortage of outlets around a home or they’re in hard-to-reach places. We wanted to put power at people’s fingertips so they could lead more convenient, productive lives. LampChamp is also extremely handy for frequent travelers to utilize in hotel rooms. Rather than having to charge your USB device at a desk across the room or at a wall, you can relax in bed or an armchair and continue to use your device as it charges. We’ve also had parents tell us they ordered LampChamp for their kids’ dorm rooms and loved it.

LampChamp turns most lamps into a USB charging station to power cell phones, tablets, e-readers, security cameras, gaming devices – anything with a USB. LampChamp installs in seconds - just remove the existing light bulb, screw LampChamp in, then replace the bulb in LampChamp’s socket - it’s that simple!

3. What is the purpose of the 'ON/OFF' switch on the adapter?

LampChamp offers a 2 AMP USB that stays active at all times. The ON/OFF switch controls the light bulb and allows you to continue charging your device whether the lamp is on or not.

4. How does your product compare with wireless charging technology such as charging pads?

The most obvious difference is that LampChamp doesn’t take up additional space. A charging pad still requires a table or some other flat surface to lay the charger on. Since LampChamp installs directly into your lamp, you’ll never know it’s there aside from the attached charging cord which can be removed easily, or wrapped around your lamp stand and hidden under the shade for future use. We’ve also read reviews about annoying wireless charger LED lights and related lighting that shine as the device powers. There are no additional lights with LampChamp. 

LampChamp doesn’t require any special compatibility or additional equipment. With charging pads, certain smartphones will require a special replacement back or case that enables wireless charging. There are also specifications that you’ll need to take into consideration with certain wireless models. LampChamp works easily with anything that has a USB. 

Another thing to keep in mind with wireless charging is that it typically won’t charge your device as quickly as a cord charger. You can certainly upgrade to a faster wireless charger, but it will likely cost you upwards of $100. LampChamp is a low-cost upgrade, currently $19.99 on Amazon, that allows you to continue working while you charge quickly. 

5. What is one myth or misconception about charging units/devices?

That they have to be expensive to get a quality product.

6. What’s next for Olens Technology?

We rolled out several new products in the past months which can be viewed on Amazon:
We’re also working on a new product we hope to launch in the next 30 days.
Keep an eye on our website and follow us on social media for exciting product announcements!


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