Review for App: The Letters Game (

My kid is a multilingual preschooler. She is 3 years old.

Her father is Hungarian and speaks to her in Hungarian, while her mother is bilingual in English and Chinese from Singapore. She picks up Mandarin as a mother tongue, and conversing together with her parents, she uses English.

We live in Estonia, so the majority language here is Estonian, this makes her a multilingual kid. In the daycare where she attends thrice weekly, the nannies and children are using mainly Estonian.

I've received a tweet from Rubicite's artist and game developer (BBQ Pixels @BBQPixels) who invited me to check out their "children's app".

"Find the letter ....''

What was interesting for my child was the animals that showed up after she hits the key of the prompted letter.

She likes to repeat after the narrator when he says 's' is for 'seahorse', and she said 'seahorse' :)

Her attention span is only 15minutes for this app. She learns without adult supervision.

For the first one minute, she was not so confident about touching to pick the correct letter (although she knew the right answer). So she waited after the 5 seconds 'bouncing'. After a few minutes, then she became more confident.

Several details of the app was good for young children:

The multiple background scenes that were rotated.
The high-resolution photo and the clarity in the narration.

One other important feature is the changing of 'correct' in different forms of praising the kid answering it right!

Overall it is an excellent app.

How to make it better:
If there is a switch to turn off the 'bouncing' prompt will be great.

I suggest the app name to be made more unique to differentiate itself for easy search in the iTunes.




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