Facebook tagged pictures

The usual situation if you want to download those photos tagged by your friends of you is to do so one by one. If you are at the wedding party and within the album are 100 photos, and you were tagged in 20 photos, this will become rather time consuming. 

Since you need to go through the album and to look for your name and then download it. Then you need to organize it somehow in a folder. Have you ever wonder how to download pictures in a more efficient manner? For example, if you would like to save time and yet want to have all the tagged pictures in an entire album to be downloaded at once. 

We found out a way for you to download your Facebook tagged pictures, your pictures albums and your friends' pictures, for free! In addition, the other benefits of using this way of downloading besides time-savings and convenience is that there will be no viruses, neither adware nor spyware. It is instant yet easy to download in just one click. This desktop application is downloadable to consolidate your online photos. 

And since it is one click, you do not need to do it monotonously one by one. This tool is great for the most technically unsavvy like a grandmother who is keen to own the photos of her grandchildren and even great grandchildren. The other advantage of making this easy step yourself helps you to prevent your Facebook account being hacked. It also serves as a good way to back up your photos.


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