Why Apple Might Be Losing Its Edge

In these contemporary times, modern technology has begun to play an increasingly integral role in the daily lives of citizens. And, for quite some time, Apple has been the leader of the pack as a producer of widely popular products like the tablet. Lately, however, it seems that some of Apple's competitors may be gaining an edge that will problematize the company's ability to maintain its position as the world's No. 1 tablet producer.


If one were to skim through research findings of IDC regarding the tablet market, it might appear that the so far, so successful company is doing well. Upon examining the data more closely, however, it seems that other companies might show Apple up soon. Because while Apple remains the No. 1 maker of tablets, Samsung holds the No. 2 spot. Moreover, Samsung has been growing at a faster rate than Apple. While Apple experienced 65 percent growth, its competitor Samsung has grown by 282 percent. Meanwhile, another competitor-Asus-has grown by 350 percent. Another company, Amazon, has grown by 157 percent.

When one considers these statistics carefully, several questions may emerge in one's mind. And while they are probably diverse, one of the most primary questions is this: What has been causing Apple's ostensible downward mobility in terms of growth? In answering the question, IDC analyst Tom Mainelli offered an assessment about the company: "Apple has been selling an awful lot of iPads in the U.S. since 2010."

In interpreting this assessment, one could conclude that it constitutes an admission of the fact that Apple's sales have left the market for iPads at least somewhat saturated. In addition to this, relatively expensive tablets are being born left and right. In submitting his own speculations about the downward spiral of Apple which may indicate an impending doom, Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves pointed towards the fact that costs for making the iPhone 5 were higher than expected. Perhaps this last factor coupled with the former factor has engendered Apple's burgeoning decline.

Irrespective of what is causing Apple's ship to sink, the whole thing is a bit of a shame. For many moons now, Apple has made itself a profitable powerhouse through the iPhone. Now that the company's most lucrative product may become its Achilles' heel, one wonders if some great new product is waiting in the wings.


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