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However there are many debates about it, Google's Page Rank system is still one of the most powerfull tool to show the importance and value of your site.

WireWalkersVA, a social media company, has launched its new Page Rank Checker project called Check Page Rank Free. Their aim is to give everyone the chance to display their page rank information right on their website with the help of free dynamic page rank icons.


On their website you can create the icon with three different sizes:


Free PageRank Checker


Free PageRank Checker


Free PageRank Checker

Besides the icons you also can add a Page Rank Checker tool to your site:

Check the Page Rank of your web site pages instantly:
This page rank checking tool is powered by service

I like the design of the icons and the fact that you do not need to sign up, login or register. Very easy to handle and by inserting the codes into your own website you can check Page Rank directly from there in the future.

Check Page Rank Free is not affiliated with Google nor the Google PageRank algorithm but still a very useful easy tool helping bloggers and the online community.


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