Digital Signage

Via: Media Signage You probably haven’t been that excited about Digital Signage since, well since you first learned what it is. Well, the guys at MediaSignage have been working hard on it, perfecting it, since 2006. We have been helping businesses adopt Digital Signage by offering FREE alternatives to popular paid software. 

We developed our programs with a new approach trying to prove that FREE software of a high standards does exist. It is an incredible application that supports all the latest web standards including HTML5, Flash, HD videos, MRSS, Weather, Live TV, a robust open source software development kit and much more. Our goal is to offer the best Digital Signage solution that can propagate seamlessly to all digital mediums including electronic billboards, mobile, tablets and all types of screens; build it once and run everywhere. Our ideology is based on 3 key principles: Free, Easy, Quality. 

Our Digital Signage is used in over 200 countries and since the first release, the software has been installed on hundreds of thousands of PCs. Digital Signage has been around for a long time & the technology is famously known as complex and expansive. At MediaSignage we decided to break the cycle by providing a superior, commercial grade application, that is powered by the latest technologies while keeping it FREE and open. So If you are looking for a Digital Signage company that does things differently, well you just found it!


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