Tablet Shopping: What to compare?

1. Screen
Size matters: Afterall, this is the interface. Besides, if it is only one panel, you want to type sometimes for short tweets or just a short comment on your facebook social media. From 5-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch, 9.7-inch, 10-inch LCD, 11.6-inch to 12-inch.

Most of which are LCD while others are IPS, transflective such as the Notion Ink Adam running on Android OS.
There is also the resistive LCD.
iPad 3G and iPad Wi-Fi

2. OS
iPhone OS 3.2 is the operating system for Apple iPad. The Archos 9 and the HP Slate runs on the Windows 7. If you hear a lot about the Android, you can find them on these three tablets namely: Dell Mini 5, Archos 7 Android and the Notion Ink Adam. Lenovo U1 runs on Skylight Linux and JooJoo OS is one of the complex operating system based on Linux that boots fast.

3. Browser
What about a free choice of 'Whichever you want'? :) Sounds interesting for HP Slate and Archos 9, while others only have Mobile Safari and you know this is for iPad; WebKit-based, Firefox, and of course the Android browser.

4. Adobe Flash Support
You know by now that the HP Slate, JooJoo, Lenovo U1 and Archos 9 supports it. The iPad and Android browers does not.

5. Apps
Apple has it App Store, HP has its TouchSmart and windows apps. And apps being important aspects of a tablet, Android has its own Android Market.

6. Multitasking
Many people preferred the Android over the Apple iPad because of this feature.
JooJoo also does not allow multitasking.

7. Multitouch
What is a modern tablet without a Multitouch feature? Every other brand does except the JooJoo.

8. Camera
So far, Dell Mini has a great 5MegaPixel camera feature. The rest if not none (for example the iPad has no camera), has only 1.3MP. The Notion Ink Adam has 3MP.

9. I/O
Mostly USB. The iPad has 30-pin camera only USB add-on.  Some has optional HDMI/VGA dongle.

10. Processor
Apple iPad has 1 GHz Apple processor. There may be up to 1.86 GHz Intel Atom for the HP Slate. The current 1GHz seemed to be the generic.

11. Storage
iPad offers up to 64 GB other than the lower choices of 16 or 32GB.

12. Expandable Memory
Other than the JooJoo, Lenovo U1 and Archos 9, the rest are with options to expand.

13. Wireless
Wifi and bluetooth

14. Weight
iPad weighing 1.5pounds is kind of heavy but the rest of the tablets are even heavier.

15. Battery Life
10 hours with one month standby. iPad has the longest battery life.  Usually 3 or 5 hours for most of the other brands.

16. Price
This is one of the most important comparison but they are more or less about the same price from US$500 to $830. Lenovo has priced itself at US$1000.

Having said that, the most well known brand is still the Apple iPad. It all owns it to its marketing. We Use Gadgets


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