Good bye Affinityclicks

Make money by advertising on your blog

Again an initiative that has failed in our test. After two months trying we have decided to remove it from our blogs. The site advertises itself as a new, profitable connection between web publishers, retailers and costumers. 

I was really interested because their format its quite professional and even the ads were not those brainless stupid products ("download this or that to know how to make money online") but interesting useful items as cameras etc. The content of an advertisement is also relevant because in fact ads are part of the content of your website. If its something embarassingly stupid it means your blog is embarassingly stupid, too. In this term affinityclick is not a failure.

The reason we have decided to remove it is because spite of the relevant number of impressions it shows no clicks at all, or if it shows clicks its not a paid one. Service providers and agents being active in online marketing have to learn that they have competitors everywhere. Our sites even with relatively low traffic (200+ visits a day) generates 1-2 clicks with google adsense ads. The same sites with brought no clicks at all according to their statistics. Okay...lets say I believe it. In this case we are not for each other...are we?

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