Why Triond Statistics are Not Accurate?

First of all, I don’t know the answer. But it is a fact that Triond’s charts are underreporting the real traffic. I have been using twitter and at times facebbok to share my articles and photos I upload to Triond. On twitter altogether on my accounts I have more then 100,000 followers. On Facebook I have about 2000 friends.

Any time I post something on Triond I share it immediately on twitter most of the time. So did I today when I have posted a photo on Triond. It is about the Parliament Building in Budapest. The photo has been tweeted immediately on my budapestphotos twitter account.

In two hours Triond shows 7 views on its Dashboard.
I was aware to shorten the URL before tweeting, such way I could track the clicks with tweetburner. Two hours after the tweeting it showed 85 clicks on my photo’s link. Almost 10 times higher views.

I know that for many counters tracking twitter clicks is troublesome. Even google analytics can’t handle them because most of the users are using gadgets or applications that are not leaving referer headers so counters are not seeing them. Google analytics tracks as direct visit such incoming hits and it seems Triond doesn’t see them at all.

Its a pity. The idea of Triond is great. They are reliable, when it comes to payment (at least the last two months since I have joined I got paid on time) but this failure in tracking makes me feel disappointed.


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