What is 'Social Media'?

What is 'Social Media'?
Just when you were about to ask what is 'Social Media', here comes the answer in an easy to understand manner.

30 Dec 2010 Man and his Computer

Social media are media for social interaction. If you notice, the way we communicate has become interactive dialogues. It also blends technology and social interaction for the co-creation of VALUE.

The many different forms of social medias range from Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, microblogging, wikis, podcasts, rating to social bookmarking. The easiest seems to be photographs or videos. Using any of these different types: collaborative projects, blogs and microblogs, content communities, social networking sites, virtual game worlds and virtual communities, you are now on social media marketing.

Who can avoid blogs and email in this modern day? It is true that not everyone is into vlogs though it is on the rise. Even these days, a lot of people enjoy picture-sharing, music-sharing, wall-postings, instant messaging, crowdsourcing and voice over IP. The technologies are endless.

You will agree eventually that the sharing of multimedia is here to stay. Photos, videos, livestreaming, music, slidesharing or pdf document sharing, it just gets more and more popular than ever before.


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