Touchless Gesture User Interface for Tablets

Touchless Gesture User Interface: Mimesign

Mimesign™ is Elliptic Labs´ solution for gestural input. With Mimesign we attempt to bring the user closer to the device and it’s digital content, it be pictures, songs, films, or documents.

When interacting with a toy or a gadget, the user shouldn’t have to change her state of mind. Rather than entering a mindset where high precision is required to locate the right button or icon, Mimesign seeks to create a different and more natural bond between the user and the device.

By providing a set of gestures mirroring the continuous, free and unrestricted hand movements, Mimesign enables a body language more alike to what we experience in everyday human-to-human conversation. Mimesign’s natural depth-sensing capabilities results in the ability to mirror natural and individual motions, in contrast to more rigid and ‘posed’ gestural systems.
The MimeSign interface seeks to give an instant feeling of control. It allows you to direct your intention to the on-screen content instead of the method of input (or to the people you are sharing the media experience with, for that matter). Mimesign provides simplicity. Interaction should not be about you, the input method and the device – just about you and your device. Watch the video and see it happening! :)


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