Saying Goodbye to Adtaily

Usually I give a chance to every initiative. Especially if the idea is promising and creative. I was like this with the site, too but after a couple of months I have decided to remove their codes from my blogs.

Adtaily was (for someone else maybe still is) a very creative and promising idea. They make advertisers from readers by linking publishers and advertisers, directly with their banner gadgets. All you have to do is to sign up to their website, opening your profile and inserting their code to the sidebar (or wherever you want) on your blog.

You set up the price but they also can offer a custome price based on your traffic data. The system is definitely creative, exactly the way I like. Simple feature, easy to learn, seems very simple but there is a lot of work behind it. So it looks good, it was really promising (they were even awarded) but it seems the idea doesn’t work.

After inserting their code on 10+ blogs that altogether has like 300,000 pageloads a year I haven’t got any orders even if I set the prices to ridiculously cheap. First I thought it was only me. Maybe my blogs are not interesting enough, or I am just unlucky.

But time to time I check the marketplace where you can see all the participating blogs and even the leading ones (having millions of pageloads a month) seem to have their gadget there without any living ad (banner).

My wife says the reason is that this adtily is too direct. Wanna sell something and the gadget makes it obvious that this is an advertisemen not a banner you put there because you foung it interesting. She says it scares people away.

I don’t know maybe she is right. Anyway…after like 6 months I felt that it was enough. I have removed adtaily from my websites.


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Anna Rys said...


My name is Anna, and I am a Marketing Communications Manager at AdTaily.

I'm sorry our widget didn't work for you. It does seem to work for over 20000 publishers, especially in Poland, Greece, Germany but also in other countries all over the world. It obviously depends on how much audience you've got, and how much the audiences are educated about the way they can advertise on your sites, and we are still working on making the ad-buying process easier, and implementing new payment methods, to attract more advertisers.

As you already saw, we've launched the AdTaily Marketplace recently. It's still a new service but it slowly starts bringing more advertisers to AdTaily, and we keep promoting in many different ways, to make sure that all of our publishers are noticed by the potential advertisers.

Once again, I'm sorry AdTaily widget didn't work for you. You obviously have to try out different methods of advertising, and choose the one that works best maybe AdSense?).

I would suggest you give AdTaily another try after we have a bigger publishers base and start attracting more advertisers (maybe even in a couple of months?) but it's your choice :).

Do keep updated though, by reading our blog or checking out our Facebook and/or Twitter updates.

Thank you for your feedback, it's always good to learn about who AdTaily works for, and who it does nothing for. And thanks for giving AdTaily a try!

JaamZIN said...

Dear Anna,

thank you for this detailed answer to my post. Communication helps a lot!
I am ready to give an another try to Adtaily. I keep my eye on it and maybe after a while I will join again.