iPhone 3G 3GS PowerPlus

iPhone 3G 3GS PowerPlus
iPhone 3G 3GS PowerPlus

Designed for Apple iPhone 3G/3GS

This battery pack doubled as a fashionable, protective case that has a rechargeable function. It This lithium-ion polymer battery is light weight of merely 66.5 grams but doubles your iPhone battery life time.

It allows you to ''charge on the go'' as you surf on your Safari, talk on your iPhone, watch videos, play games longer or listen to your favourite tunes.

Andino™ PowerPlus II is for iPhone 4. Both designs wraps snugly around your iPhone giving it the maximum protection yet as a functional and fashionable accessory to carry around. Now with choice of black or white.

* Up to 380 hours of Standby Time
* Wi-Fi Internet access of up to 7 hours



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