Andino iPhone and iPad Accessories

We are an iPhone user for about two years. Recently we found an accessory for doubling its battery lifetime by Andino and we are very pleased. We like that it has more than 240 hours of standby time. This indeed serves the function very well! There are also choices from mystic black, pure white or even diesel black to choose from. We really like its non-slip comfort grip with a soft-touch form-fitting. This solution is really excellent as our friend who owns an iPhone4 has recently dropped his iPhone4 at ear height.

Not a joke at all, being glass back, of course, it shattered and the way to go about it is to have a full wrap-around case like this one. Best of all, it is impact-resistant.

Andino's iphone4powerplus2

Other than this, we like that it is easy to assemble. I remembered having a special casing which I had chosen but the top corners broke within the same day of purchase and it was totally a letdown. Now you can see how quickly it is to put on this ergonomically designed battery accessory:-

It also comes with a USB mini cable that allows me to charge and sync with iTunes at the same time. There is also a free choice of using the on/off switch to select which battery to use.

The other smart feature is that is a built-in short circuit to detect over-charge and also serves as a temperature protection. This Andino accessory is really a great design!


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