With AffinityClick your online content connects with products that match your topics and writing style, turning your blog or website into revenue.

AffinityClick helps web publishers, retailers, marketing and advertising agencies and consumers connect in a more meaningful, contextually relevant way. Together, we form a national network of content providers and trusted brand-name retailers. AffinityClick works by automatically matching the content of a publisher's website or blog posts with contextually relevant product placements.

AffinityClick is here to help

AffinityClick is here to help

  • Publishers and bloggers make money more easily from their valuable content;
  • Retailers generate more qualified visitor traffic;
  • Online visitors and customers enjoy a more meaningful, contextually relevant product experience when visiting websites while sharing product recommendations with friends
  • Agencies provide their retail customers with the best alternative to online marketing while ensuring maximum ROI


JaamZIN Creative Studio is an online social media agency established in 2017 by Zin and Zannnie in Singapore. We feature creative people, emerging artists with different social media solutions. Contact us if you want to be featured!

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