Venossi is the place where you can discover and listen to music, create music playlists, save your favorite music and share it with your friends and family.

What Venossi Does

Venossi is a social music website.
The first important feature of the site is that you can discover new music matching your taste whether from your music feed written by your friends who have similar taste to you, or by browsing our browse music page. You can browse music artists from the sidebar by genrecountry or even by your mood

The second most important feature is the way you can create playlists and save music into them. You can create playlists from your homepage or even when watching a music video without leaving the video. Saving music to your playlists was never been easier, just one click on the icon and the music video is saved to your playlist. Removing videos from your playlists is just as easy as adding them. These operations can be done without leaving the music video you are watching. The website is spiced with ajax technologies to provide you the best user experience. A good example is that You can search your playlists (on any page on the site) with an instant results ajax search, it is so great to see the results appearing while you type the search query :D. 

The third most important feature on Venossi is the way you can share your content with your friends, family or other users. Every user has a profile page where many useful information is displayed. The great thing is that you can see your friends playlists and you can browse them for new music. Another great way to spread or discover music is your music feed which is displayed on your homepage. This is the place where users can have conversations with their friends or share music with them. You can share a music video on your music feed by submiting the form on any videopage by clicking the link named Submit to feed. This will post the music video and your comment to your music feed (where it can be watched instantly). You can follow users from their profile page by clicking the follow link, and their comments and submited videos will appear on yourmusic feed.


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