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I have been using socialoomph for more then 6 months very actively and I am really very satisfied with it.

Socialoomph is a perfect tool to delegate the management of your Twitter or StatusNet account and free up your time. Actually I am using it for managing my twitter accounts. Signing in and signing out all the time to each accounts is very time consuming. On socialoomph you can manage all the accounts together, signing in only once.

The features I regularly use on socialoomph:

Scheduled updates
This is a very useful tool. I live in Europe but most of my twitter followers are from the US. If I wanna reach them better to tweet when they are online. But I am already sleeping when they just start surfing online so I prefer to schedule my tweets.

Friend Finder
With this feature I can find people that tweet about a certain keyword I choose. I do this for my Budapestphotos account. Socialoopmh collects for me the last 50 people every 12 hours who has mentioned the word Budapest in their tweets. I can select and follow all of them assuming they might be interested in Budapest photos.

Socialoomph monitors for you in one window all the tweets and retweets mentioning you on all your accounts. This is the most useful tool for me. I can communicate with my followers (which is very important) using one single page.

Socialoomph tracks how many followers you have and how many people have clicked on the URL you have tweeted before. They even calculate the average number of clicks on your URLs which is about 23 clicks/URL for me recently.

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