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We like to take a lot of photos whenever there are photo opportunities especially ever since we bought the Canon camera. Recently I found a site for photo fun and decided to share.

Francine sent us an eCard, those that comes with sounds and music. The thing about that kind of ecard is quite standardized and you cannot customize it in a short few seconds. And as usual, Zannnie likes something unique, so she made a card with the Super Junior Siwon, the result was rather amazing! :)

So like this, in 3 seconds (really, it was just a breeze) we made this card and email it to her :)

What I like about photofun is not just because it is fast to create. Somehow, it has a funny humour, like a joke with photos. As we like photography very much, we have quite a lot of photos to play with :) Here's the 'famous' fashion shot by me of Zannnie when we were in Vatican City, Italy.

Of course, when I showed it to Zannnie about the photofunia :) She created the following, too...

Halloween costumes


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