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PeopleBrowsr is a data mining, analytics and brand engagement service provider for enterprise brand managers, advertising agencies, social media strategists and hedge fund managers.

PeopleBrowsr receives the Twitter Full Firehose Data Feed, making it possible to leverage deep connections between users and topics, engage and activate online communities. The company’s competitive advantage is the deeper insight it can access into peer-to-peer community relatedness of global networks; mutual friends connections, community relatedness around links, retweets, “likes”, Twitpics and keywords. Clients, such as brand managers, can create more targeted marketing strategies and campaigns to engage deeper with online communities.

They can track events, brands, keywords and global social media trends with our new service. The custom analytics platform gathers data from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other blogs, gaining new insight into what’s trending, filtering out the buzz, and overall improving a brand or business's level of consumer engagement.

PeopleBrowsr launched in early 2007, building a real-time data mine before Twitter or FaceBook had published an API. PeopleBrowsr began by storing data from Flickr, Youtube and Craigslist posts. They built API bridges to Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites in the fall of 2008, and by December that year, launched  alpha: a deep dashboard for managing and engaging with the social stream, with raving reviews from social media experts Scobleizer, Tim O'Reilly and Brian Solis. In 2009, they extended their Smart Cache applications into analytics and sentiment reports as well as campaigns and work flow.

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