Fiverr - an idea that awakes creativity is a quite new initiative where you can give or take gigs (small jobs, assignments) for $5. As they write about themselves:


I find the idea brilliant in itself but I am most amazed by the creativity of people that came up with cool ideas using the system of Fiverr.

How does it work?

After signing up to Fiverr you can be both buyer and seller. As a buyer you can browse among thousands of gigs and for five dollars you can order anything you like. The system is built up in a smart way. When you order something first you will send your money to Fiverr via paypal. Though $5 is not a big deal they take care of your money and the seller will be paid only after the gig is completed.

As a seller you can come up with any idea that you think people will buy for $5. The price is fixed by Fiverr it can't be different so the amount of work you have to choose carefully. 
Every gig starts like this I will ....(your blank part to fill)..... for $5. It can be a service, a help, a present, an artwork anything. Fiverr will keep $1 and the seller will get the rest $4 usually 14 days after the gig was completed. 

I have been using the system for a few days only, and beside the originality of the idea the main point is the communication I guess. Fiverr makes the partners communicating by exchanging messages within the system and as everywhere in the world of business the way you handle your partner will help you to build up a reputation. The communication is basically private but after the gig is complete buyers can leave a feedback and they can even rate the seller and such way the good ones will be outstanding (for example featured in the list of gigs) and popular. 

If the idea has a potential many $5 orders can bring to the seller a relevant money or as many people use it based on the established contact a small gig can be followed by a larger job on a higher level somewhere outside. This Fiverr is as simple as brilliant.    

I have collected some creative and useful ideas I have found on

Marketing and Social Media:

I will tweet your blog to my 80 000 followers for $5


I will paint your name or specific words you want in Chinese beautifully for $5


I will get girls shout your website or company name in video for $5

Gift ideas:

I will write something in the sand for you and turn it into a greeting card for $5

Fun and bizarre:

I will propose marriage for you. for $5


I will design a professional and personalized logo for $5


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