feedjit - Human Analytics

The secret to becoming a professional blogger is to gain a deep understanding of your audience.

Feedjit invented Human Analytics because they realized that the first step to engaging your readers is to understand them.

How does it work?:

1. See the actual identity of hundreds of thousands of Feedjit members when they visit including their photo and links to their social profiles and website.

2. Feedjit lets you watch your visitors in real-time. Discover how individual visitors interact with your site including each page they read, as they view it in real-time.

3. Contact Feedjit members who visit your site any time.

4. Don't wait until tomorrow to discover you were on the front page of the New York Times. Set up alerts that email you when your number of visitors spike so that you can react in real-time.

5. Real-time notifications including new cities that just visited your site and much more.

6. Know now! All the critical and informational graphs and charts in analytics products, but you don't have to wait hours for them to update.

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