City Daily Photo Blogs

The Daily Photo collection of blogs began in March of 2005 when a man in love with his city wanted to share it with the rest of the world. The Paris - One Photo A Day blog was thus launched by Eric Tenin, an amateur photographer, and soon became an unexpected phenomenon.

Rapidly, this hobby began attracting thousands of readers from the world over who had either been to Paris and wanted to re-live their experience, others who have never been and dream of visiting, and those who are planning a trip and surf the site for interesting things to see.

Shortly after the quick success, the blog name was changed to "Paris Daily Photo" (easier to remember!) and became so popular, that suddenly others started writing to Eric asking how they could start a similar blog for their own city. Very quickly, cities such as London and New York followed forming the initial group of city daily photo bloggers.

The growing community began to gather on a forum initiated by Stephan Nebel, one of the first city bloggers. In 2006, Igor, a friend of Eric and Internet pioneer, did the first implementation of the City Daily Photoblog portal. A few tens of photos were then updated every hour and gave to the community its first unified visual representation. The portal drew the attention of the media and was cited on the national French radio.

In Summer 2007, Igor began the implementation of version 2 with the help of Demosthenes, a young talented web architect who introduced new features such as the city search and the favorite lists. Today over 500 blogs are registered on the portal, and the community is growing rapidly. Cities as large as London (UK), New York, NY (USA),Berlin (Germany), Hong Kong (HK), Sydney (Australia) and Venice (Italy) are obviously present, but one can also scan the Daily Photo blog globe for lesser known places such as Accra (Ghana), Greenville, SC (USA), Oulu (Finland), andTuzla (Bosnia & Herzegovina). 


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