BirdyAdder leverages the newest marketing medium for you. Twitter is a social network site where millions of people go to interact with others. These members follow each other and take part in the many features Twitter has, creating an extremely large social network.

BirdyAdder handles all of the work for you and includes the following features:
  • Auto Follower that allows you to follow a lot of people quickly and easily.
  • Unfollow anybody who has not followed you back, and send a message to your new followers.
  • Send “Direct Messages” to all your followers.
  • Compile a list of tweets from which BirdyAdder will automatically tweet at specified intervals.
  • Statistics of the number of people followed, unfollowed, messaged and tweets posted!
  • New!Multiple registered accounts can now be chained together!
  • New! Set BirdyAdder to auto start each day!
  • New! Time-delay feature!


JaamZIN Creative Studio is an online social media agency established in 2017 by Zin and Zannnie in Singapore. We feature creative people, emerging artists with different social media solutions. Contact us if you want to be featured!

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