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Comprehensive Social Media campaign for your blog/website!

We have been running our social media projects actively since 2006. In our portfolio we have twitter accounts, several blogs and Facebook groups attracting altogether more than 100.000, people.

What we are doing is building up a live community, communicating with people, providing quality content and based on the interest of our visitors where we share what we find interesting. Based on the success of our social media activity, we have decided to start a service for quality bloggers to help them achieve a higher popularity amongst a targeted audience.

We are open to several topics but recently we recommend our services for bloggers in the following fields:

- photo blogs,
- travel blogs,
- recipe blogs, cooking blogs,
- technical blogs, (cameras, gadgets, tools)
- China, Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia - Asia related blogs,
- personal blogs with high quality content

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JaamZIN Creative Studio is an online social media agency established in 2017 by Zin and Zannnie in Singapore. We feature creative people, emerging artists with different social media solutions. Contact us if you want to be featured!

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