There is a new gadget called ClipCook. I got an e-mail through my Flickr account I guess directly from the developers and they kindly introduced the service. ClipCook is about making slideshows from your photos and editing music from an available database under the show.

The idea is not an original one, as not this is the first gadget to edit slideshows (even Flickr has it's own solution for slideshows) and I guess even the opportunity to edit music to your show is something let's say common.

The reason this ClipCook can be popular is that it is very social media oriented and on the other hand very simple.

Social Media and ClipCook

- You don't have to upload any photos to edit a slideshow. Just simply by pushing a button your photos from Flickr or Picasa will be directly available in a pop up window. All you have to do is to grab them and move them into the editing area of ClipCook. Later you can change the photos as you wish.
- After you have edited your clip very easily you can share it on twitter and facebook.

Being simple

- ClipCook is not a sophisticated system. A few buttons, fast solution, and simple solutions. The disadvantage of the site is that the features like e.g. transitions are very raw. Do not expect too much. But on the other hand the advantage is that within a few minutes you will learn how to use it.

And this is the main point I guess. ClipCook is a "do and share" thingy. Connecting Flickr with Facebook and Twitter, making your static photos a bit more dynamic and dramatic. A next way how you can express your creativity without attending an IT or visual art school.

i wish to have more gadgets like this....!!

My very first slideshow I have edited there (click on the photo):


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