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My recent achievement is $300 per month on this site and my realistic goal is to earn $600 every month in a few months.

I wanted to write this post only when I was sure that the initiative I am writing about is totally reliable and it's really a good tool to earn some money online.

Neobux is a PTC (Paid-To-Click) site. Basically what you are doing is just clicking advertisements and I do not think that this is something that can make you seriously rich. Life is not that simple, you won't live on it. But for those who due to their work are spending a lot of time in front of the computer which is my case, too, Neobux is a real opportunity.

I spend every morning about 15 mins with this and after 7 months just reaching the ultimate I started to have a reasonable profit for this efforts.

Before I explained already how PTC sites are working, you can read it here.

Now I wanna share you my personal experience how much money you can make here and what kind of work you have to do for it.

Though there are some guys that keep reporting about $2500 per month as an income from Neobux I am not at this level yet. Recently I am earning about $300 a month and based on my calculations when I will reach the targeted 4000 rented referrals on my account I expect to have $600 as a net monthly profit. This is the level I find realistic and still reasonable recently with this daily 15 mins attention.


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