How to start a blog?

At times I have to remind myself that not everybody is blogging. Those who just start are very unfamiliar with the technical backgrounds and opportunities. To start a blog is based mostly on an idea. I wanna write my journal online, I want to share my photos and stories of my vacation with my friends, I have poems, writings to share, I wanna sell my artwork, my products, I build a community, I support a movement etc. etc.. Several motivations and of course all of them go for the content.

When it comes to implementation and the required technical background even the first step seems to be so difficult and hopeless that it destroys enthusiasm easily.

URL, template, layout, html coding, tagging, SEO, adsense, tracking....."ohh my god I just wanted to share my favorite recipes, shall I deal with all of these nonsense?"

My answer is definitely NO if you find the right sources that can handle all the technical background for you. Basically I am never afraid of technical terms. Somehow I learned that even behind the most complicated terms there are very simple things all you have to do is just getting closer to them. But I totally understand if someone doesn't want to spend his/her days in a world which is described with these ugly words.

For these people BLOGGER provides a perfect, simple solution to start blogging without dealing too much with the technical details behind.

I wouldn't say I know all the relevant platforms for blogging. I personally use blogger for this blog, for some other projects of mine I use WORDPRESS. I used to have a trial with, I like TUMBLR, I know some social media sites that offer inserted blogging, too (stumble upon for example) and for my Hungarian blog I use a local platform called Among these I find blogger the most simple and most user friendly for users that are not IT experts or computer freaks.

What makes BLOGGER that simple?

Almost everything is available just by pushing some buttons. To push a button is not that hard, is it? Its amazing if everything is done by the system automatically behind the scenes. All you have to do is to make your decisions on the given options. Of course given options are always limited to compare to the whole possible varieties of the universe, but here we go for "the simple the better approach".

When you go to in order to start a blog you will see this feature. If you want you can enlarge the photo but the main point I tried to explain is very visible here, too.

A big orange button is screaming here: CREATE A BLOG. Just push it and you made your first step to have your own blog.

How to start a blog

Ok, things are not always as simple as the promise. Corporate interest always overwrite the pure intention of being simple. Since BLOGGER is owned by the Google to start a blog they force you to create a google account if you still don't have any. (If you use a gmail address for e-mails you definitely have a google account already).

Create a google account

It is not nice from Google but I promise this was the last pushy part of the story. A few more buttons and we are ready. The most exciting part is coming. Giving a name/title for our blog.
Its very important that the title/name of the blog is not necessarily the same as the URL (internet address) of the blog. The URL has to be unique just like every postal address. But the name of the blog can be anything. Of course its always good to have an outstanding title/name, but its not a disaster if yours will be the 10000000th blog titled "my poems".

How to create a blog

Since the blog address has to be unique you have to give a name which isn't registered yet within the system of BLOGGER. Every address will be ended by, this is not an option, but the middle part of the address is only yours. Even if its hard to find a unique address I recommend you to choose a simple word that people can easily memorize. The address is very informative but the good news is that you don't have to summarize your life within your address.

When you have your name/title and your address you can design your blog. Some years ago if someone wanted to start a blog he or she had to be into programming or with the help of the geocities (my God its already a retro) you could create your own panels. BLOGGER provides you prepared design patterns called TEMPLATES which are perfect for a start. Just pick up the most suitable for your style and push CONTINUE.

How to start a blog?

Choosing the TEMPLATE was our last step. In fact your blog is ready. You can start to write your first blog, you can add 1000 gadgets to it, you can track your visitors, you can look for a more personalized template or whatever. We will write about it in a next post. The main create our very first blog is ready! Keep blogging!:)

How to start a blog?


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