How much is your website worth?

There is a cool gadget, actually a website, where you can check how much is your website/blog worth. is a cool initiative where you can get not only the value of your site but a lot of useful information, too.

As they say about their free service:

"This is a free web-based valuation service, providing website information, visitor statistics and an estimated website value. Just enter a domain name into the box to view a full report. We try our best to provide accurate information, but this is not always guaranteed. Further research and confirmation of details is required."

I have tried this gadget with my blogs.

Budapest Daily Photo

As a result they provide an informaton sheet like this:

Maybe its hard to read it, so lets see what are the most interesting results:

The value of the blog is 34 916,6$. Wow...anyone to buy it?:)
Worldwide Rank: 1 259 493
USA Rank: 689 193
Page Rank: 5
External links: 12 935 (it sounds a lot)

Breathtaking group

The value of the blog is 28 777,4$.
Worldwide Rank: 1 627 379
Page Rank: 3
External links: 975


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