What are PTC sites about?

PTC stands for Paid-To-Click. PTC websites are places where one could earn money on a daily basis.

How does it work?

You simply click a link on the PTC site and view a website for usually 30 seconds to earn money. You usually get paid $0.01 for each website you personally view and you can see up to 4-10 advertisement a day.

Ok, only with this won't make you rich unless you live in a country where the average money that people make a day is around $1.

If you want to earn a little bit more you can buy/rent so called referrals on PTC sites.

What are referrals?

In fact referrals are people like you. Registered members of the PTC site. People that want to make money online. So just like you do, they are sitting in front of the computer and click every day on the given advertisements. To have this people as referrals means these people will work for you for a certain period which is usually 30 days. When they click on the advertisements as your referral beside the money they earn you also will earn money after their clicks. Usually this is $0,005 for the beginning but after upgrading to a higher level you can earn more.

So how to make more money with this?

I totally understand if you are not interested in making $0.04 a day. So do I. But if you rent referrals you can see how your income will increase step by step. Start slowly, do not trust and do no invest if you are not sure. To register is totally free, if the PTC site requires some money for joining/registering leave them immediately because you will find plenty of other sites for free. I give you an example of NEOBUX which I have already tried. You can register to it for free here.

After you have registered click every day and collect some money for your first referal. On NEOBUX you can rent your first 3 referrals for $0.75 so be patient and use your time to read carefully the forum posts and the FAQs of the site. It helps you to get familiar with the site and you will get the answers to your 1000 questions.

If you are done with your first referral rent and your new "workers" are clicking every day as you do, you will make already $0.055 a day as a next step. You got to know that at the end of your "journey", after upgrading, you can rent as many as 4000 referrals which can bring you up to $160 a day and you are still just sitting in front of your computer and click on advertisement 4-10 times a day.

Why is this clicking thingy good for the advertisers?

Although being an active member you deal more with your referrals and with your account management than with the advertisements themselves I have to admit that clicking every day to those ads is one of the best imprinting. I have joined this site just couple of months ago but I remember all the advertisements since I see them every day. NEOBUX has 3 million registered members recently which means potentially hundred thousand more people are seeing the ads every day while they are clicking.

Very important rule is that you get your money after your referrals only on the days when you click it yourself too, so the system is motivating everyone to keep seeing the advertisements and even to encourage others to do the same. I guess this is the clue of the whole idea.

What are the possible pitfalls?

There are two ways of failure if I don't mention the case when you simply give up.

1. The site is a scam and it disappears after a while or it simply doesn't pay you.
2. Bad account management.

Its unfortunately true that there are plenty of fake PTC sites out on the internet. So never ever join or especially never ever invest to any of them until you have checked it carefully. Some hints how to make sure its real:

- google it. Read reviews, opinions, forum posts about the site just by typing its name into the google. If they are fake some people already failed and some of them would have written their opinions on this. Learn from the mistakes of others. If there is no independent info about the site its a turn off itself.

- if the PTC site doesn't have a working opened forum, leave them. Forum is one of the best way for opened communication between the members and between the members and admins. If the admin never appears, not available, if there are no answers to your e-mails or support tickets, just pack and move away before you wasted too much time and money.

-if the PTC site doesn't have any advertisements but its own or other PTCs its most likely a fake or just a very new one. My experience is that these sites are fluctuating very quickly, the market is full of cheap cheaters, so look for the mainstream.

-if you are a bit more experienced on Internet you can check the domain registration and you will be able to find out something about the owners of the site. Useful information is to know for how long they have paid for they domain and who is behind the registration. With some efforts after a while you will recognize easily those cheaters whatever names they put to the window.

Account management is the other critical point. Through on a good PTC site, you can earn without any single investment too. If you want to earn more than just a few coins, you will have to invest into referrals by an upgrade, buying packages and recycle the lazy ones. These actions will cost you and its only up to you if at the end your incomes are higher than your previous investments. Though I don't find it too difficult to manage an account reading carefully the forums and learning from other's mistakes or successes won't hurt.


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