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BlogCatalog is more than just a social community for bloggers; according to their self definition, it is one of the largest blog directory on the Internet. Whether you are looking to search a blog, to connect with fellow bloggers, to learn more about blogging or simply to promote your own blog, BlogCatalog is for you.

BlogCatalog is the place for you to connect with other bloggers, so as to become a better blogger. It allows you to attract more blog readers, and to participate in groups and discussions. You can also find the latest tools for your blog, and much more!

Ok, that's how BlogCatalog defines itself. Let's see what is my own experience with them.
I have been a member of BlogCatalog since 2007 April. 2 years of membership is long enough I guess to say I have some experience with this site and with its service.First, I have to admit that I don't use BlogCatalog as a site which I visit everyday like a living community. It's just my personal choice and not about the limitation of the site. BlogCatalog is a well built, and strong instrument that has a jungle of different functions and features. But in the jungle of other opportunities such as Facebook, youtube, twitter, Blogger, or the Hungarian IWIW, it has never attracted me enough to make me sank in BlogCatalog.

I have been using it as a catalog of blogs for both being listed on it and for searching for other blogs in certain topics.

What does it mean for you if you register to BlogCatalog and you are listed there?
I have a photoblog called Breathtaking Group on Blogger. This blog has been listed on BlogCatalog since the 3rd of January 2008. Being in a catalog, you expect to be found and to give a certain publicity to your blog.

What happened to my Breathtaking Group photoblog on BlogCatalog?

Between the 3rd of January 2008 and 3rd of January 2009, my blog received 149 visits from BlogCatalog according the Google Analytics statistics. Let's say BlogCatalog is not the nuclear bomb which will raise your traffic up to the sky. If you like, you can be featured there in different ways but it's not for free and I never thought that I should pay for something like this.

I am a man with no time. I prefer fast solutions and structures that I can understand very quickly. I have no two weeks to read all the TOS, FAQs and Forum posts. I am sure spending a lot of time on BlogCatalog you can reach much better results, but what I was looking for was something very simple and very fast.

To register, and to be listed there is fast enough and I didn't have any problem. You have to wait a couple of days until they approve your blog but this is not a problem to me..even it shows me that the system is more reliable. Maybe the statistics would be more attractive if they allow more than 6 tags to describe your blog when you register.

Another opportunity to increase your traffic on BlogCatalog is to build a whole community around your blog. You can have fans, you can announce groups, you can follow others, exchange letters and messages, vote, rate, review and comment. This features are definitely useful and BlogCatalog has an active life. Without being active myself I get 3-4 messages a month, people add me as "friend" and they write comments on my account. Dealing more with this I am sure I would be able to reach better results but I have no time for it. The results which I showed, can be reached just by a simple registration and I inserted BlogCatalog's gadget to my blog sidebar to give a reciprocity. This is a requirement by the way. They won't approve your blog if they don't find at least a link back to them. Which is fair enough.

Blog search
The other feature which I use is the blog search function of BlogCatalog. A place which lists a lot of blogs in various topics is perfect for that. The advantage of this service is that it finds BLOGS in certain topics while google blogsearch rather finds blogposts mentioning certain keywords.

The difference is relevant to me. If I need news or information on recent topics written by bloggers, it is better to use google blog search. But if you look for blogs with a certain characteristic topic, for example for link exchange, BlogCatalog is your perfect tool.

Typing the topic of Budapest blogcatalog gives you 40 results. Having a quick overview of them, I found out that almost all of them are relevant, dealing really with Budapest from different aspects. The number could be higher, but if you try the same with New York you will find 15 000 blogs as search result.


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