iPhone vs Nokia N95

I had been using a Nokia N95 for more than a year, and I have been using the new iPhone of Apple for three weeks. In this term, to compare the two phones, it's not a right thing. I have a lot of usage experience with Nokia N95 and I am just getting familiar with the iPhone.

But even during these three weeks, I have so much to tell, that I decided to write this post.:)

Appearance and size:

To me both phones are attractive. The Nokia N95 looks very pretty from behind and as you can see even after 1 year active usage the back cover of the phone is still intact. I think it was a good choice to order the swiss Carl Zeiss lens to this phone. It gives a decent look.

iPhone is special with this very strong, compact look. You can open it (of course you can, but let's say: you don't have to), and the huge screen with these Mac type of menu bar makes it obvious from the very first moment that its much more than a phone.

In my opinion, Nokia N95 looks like a camera and iPhone is like and iPod or palm top. And these are the strengths of these phones.

Considering the size, they are quite similar. iPhone is a bit larger, but Nokia is thicker. In my jeans pocket, I still have a bad feeling if the iphone will be broken, but its more discrete there. The Nokia was always visible in the pocket with its thickness. By weight, Nokia N95 is slightly lighter (I intentionally didn't check the technical description, this is a subjective review), but only just by a little bit.

Its obvious Apple was taking care of little details of appearance. Even the box is so sleek and pretty like a jewelry box. I don't know where is the Nokia's original box, but the iPhone's is still in my room, I even didn't think about to throw it out.

As a phone:

I didn't find any differences in this term. Technically both devices are perfect for their original functions. You can receive and initiate phone calls. You might say its obvious, but to consider the whole market of phones, it may not be the case for every brand (types). I remember those Ericson family of phones which had great challenge to get any signals behind a paper size wall.

As for a user, the details are more important. How the device helps me to arrange my phone calls.
With Nokia N95 you can answer an incoming phonecall by using the slide. Or you can just simple push the little green button on the front. I prefered to use the slide, its a simple movement, to find the green button fast enough is more challanging.

You have to do the same if you wanna initiate a phone call because this is the way you can get the keypad. The buttons are very user friendly with the Nokia N95, I could write sms or dial numbers without looking at the keypad, hence very easy to maneuver.

Maybe its just a question of time but I can't do that with the iPhone, yet. iPhone doesn't have buttons (only one universal 'button' for taking a step back to the main menu) and some on the side for the volume and for muting the phone and for switching off/on on the top.

That mute button on the side is really creative but having the phone in my pocket, at least twice I've experienced it being released during this three weeks. And maybe its only me, but its a challenge to me to switch off the iPhone. Even if I push the button for long, instead of switching off it just lock the keypad. It can be embarrassing when it rangs after you thought you have arranged it already.

iPhone is not about buttons. You can arrange everything on the screen which is sensitive to your touches. It doesn't have keypad anymore, you have to use the multi touch display with virtual buttons. You can use this for dialing, for typing text or as a calculator, too.

I wouldn't say that typing is easy with iPhone for the first time. It senses the tip of your finger (even do not try with your nails) and unless you are a 12 year old skinny child, you will surely mistype. Tilting or turning the phone aside, the screen will switch (its not true for every functions, though) to give you a 'landscape view', and for those like me having large sausage fingers, its a bit easier to type on the enlarged keys.

Nokia N95 has no problem like this, but also do not have this attractive solution of turning screen. It might help it but not for calls, rather for looking at pictures or watching videos.

As a camera

Here the winner is definitely the Nokia N95. Since I run a daily photo blog ( a phone which is a good camera is a big advantage to me. Nokia N95 has a 5 megapixel camera and in good lights it served me perfectly.

Photo taken with Nokia N95

In darkness, or under not too good lighting circumstances, even 5 megapixel was too weak. But iPhone is weak at anywhere with its 2 megapixel camera and without any video facilities (some says its already available to download a software for video but i am not too much interested in it with this lens).

Photo taken with iphone

But when it comes to displaying photos again iPhone is the winner. Without any exaggeration, iPhone's screen gives you the best quality when it comes to displaying videos or photos:

My Canon photo displayed on iphone

Browsing on internet, checking your e-mails:

To me, any former mobile phones (including Nokia N95) were a joke if we speak about browsing on the internet. The WAP is ridiculous, usually the connection is slow and damn expensive and I especially hated when I needed special settings, sign ups or anything for a function that they advertised as available. Push the button and go...this is my basic expectation.

iPhone was able to provide me this. The best is about e-mails. Only once - I had to set up my gmail (username, password) and since that moment only one button to push and my mails are downloaded. This is very practical and useful to me. If I don't use large attachements to arrange my mails, I do not need my laptop anymore.

I can say almost the same about browsing on the internet. The first mobile phone where I can check a website without having the feeling I was cheated by saying this device is for browsing on the net, too. And the opportunity that you can enlarge the view just by pulling your fingers over the screen brings you again a sci-fi feeling. And beside this, its very practical.

I like that the iPhone is very user friendly with internet connections too. My provider gives me a 3G access with 4 GB free traffic but at any time when the device finds a wifi in the area, it will prefer the free wifi to the providers' connection. (in case you prefer your safe connection, of course you can change the settings easily).


Beside the better camera and the video record function, Nokia N95's advantage is to have fm radio. Its very practical on tramways or when you have to wait in a queue, you can to listen to M2 (Petőfi) in Budapest with any headset. iPhone doesn't have radio, but you can play your mp3 files and your videos. I don't find it userfriendly that iPhone accepts only its own headset and since I am not a Mac user this iTunes thingy was a bit annoying to me at first. Why I have to download a new program and why I have to get familiar with it just for listening to my music? I find it a bit pushy. With Nokia, I didn't have 16 gigabytes capacity but just by copy and paste I could transfer my music files from any device, with iPhone if the device doesn't have iTunes you have no chance.

But watching videos is a real experience on the iPhone.

Coldplay Viva La Vida video on iphone

iPhone uses 'Safari' as its browser. Youtube videos can be viewd since they have created a different system featuring youtube with a separated button in the menu screen. This detail shows that iPhone is rather a multimedia device than a phone.

On both phone you can find gadgets like calendar, alarm system, time zones, calculator, notes etc. Practically the same functions, but iPhone is definitely more attractively designed. It is simply beautiful as we already know it about every Apple solutions.

weather report on iphone

timer on iphone

world clock on iphone

My choice is definitely iPhone, but the lack of radio, video and the weak camera in some aspects makes me missing my Nokia N95 for my everydays.


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