Canon EOS 350D

Hard to write an objective report because the Canon EOS 350D is like my baby. But this blog is about subjective reports so I can just repeat...its my baby.

I have started with a Canon EOS 300D in 2005. It was with me in Indonesia and in Malaysia and I was very satisfied with it though today I find that machine too large and heavy.


In the same year, Canon introduced a new, smaller digital SLR camera. This was the EOS 350D (in the US they prefer the name Digital Rebel XT). 8 megapixel sensor in a smaller, nicer looking body and with definitely more functions.

Canon EOS 350D

I am not into the fancy technical details as processors, CMOS, flesh system etc. For the first sight I just found the camera simply beautiful. My Canon 300D had a silver plastic body which challenged me several times in the heat of Indonesia. When your hands are sweating, it is easy to drop the camera. With the 350D it never happened to me since its body has different texture, more stable to hold. Maybe the small size might be a problem for those who have larger hands.

On the other hand, the black plastic body of 350D is more impact. My 300D got damaged in a few months, but the 350D still looks like a brand new camera even after two years usage.

Canon 350D

The Canon EOS 350D is originally with a Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens but I rather use a Canon EF 20-35mm f/3.5-4.5 USM lens because it has a short wide angle focal length range. This lens give me special opportunities.

Pasaréti út

The other lens I prefer to use is a Canon EF 90-300 which is perfect for objects in a long distance for a reasonable price.

Canon 350D

Its not easy to use it without tripod if its a bit darker or if the object is too far, but with some creativity and settings you can make a miracle.

Croatia - Stari Grad

I like that Canon 350D being very fast. Faster than 300D was. You switch on the device and the camera is ready within a second. At times it was annoying with the 300D that you could miss a moment just because the camera sets up slowly. Other important element of the speed is the autofocus. Unless the background is a very similar, a homogenous feature, the autofocus is very fast. You can change the focus easily, actually 350D is very precise with very useful gadgets. I am not a professional at all but I easily learn how to play with the focus.


Even after two years, I am still satisfied with the accumulator of the 350D. With my settings I am able to shot 300-350 photos at once, and even after uploading them to the computer, I can capture one more round without charging. For the 300D, it took a while to upload the could have dinner while 300 photos were uploading to the laptop, the 350D arranges it within minutes.

I am really very satisfied with this camera. It never gets frozen, caused me a lot of pleasure and even for a non-professional like me, its a perfect tool to take amazing photos.


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