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MyLikes is a word-of-mouth advertising platform that allows the long tail of influencers on the web to create endorsements for products and services they like.

It is quite a new initiative that was established in January 2010. I have been using the platform since June and it took a while to get familiar with it. Ok, not because it was that difficult rather I had very limited time so as usual I just signed up tried it, and planned to leave if it doesn't work. Usually my experience is that the majority of platforms and gadgets are not working.

But here I can smell something MyLikes is an interesting concept and some of my sponsored tweets generated clicks and some income, too.

There are two things I like in MyLikes:

1, you can choose what to post and what not.
2, you can write the tweets on your voice.

This second one is a very good idea because usually I have a feeling that the product/service is interesting itself but the text of the advertisement is so spammy that I do not feel like to post it. Here I can create my own text.

There are over 3 million items - books, movies, tv shows, restaurants popular web services and locations so you really can choose what you feel like to share.

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